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Negativity at Work

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Like the Coronavirus that's taking over our news channels, dealing with negativity at work and the unprofessional behaviour that results from it can infect the whole team quickly.  If left untreated,  workplace negativity could result in these economic disruptions:  

A reduction in productivity 
Damaged team morale 
Increased staff turnover 

There are two responsibilities to counteract the contagious effects of negativity at work. One is the responsibility of individuals, which I have included two Leadership Tip links for at the end of this post,  and the other is the manager’s responsibility. 

Negativity spreads through the unofficial office grapevine because almost 80% of workers choose to get their information from its source. 

The grape vine flourishes in the absence of communication from the top, of which employees have a big appetite for.  Communication is key to extinguishing grape vine fallacies, rumours and fear.  Face-to-face is always the best way to communicate, and in larger companies, technology makes it possible with video, Zoom, and other online conferencing potential.

Other antidotes for dealing with workplace negativity at the manager level include participating more with employees, setting behaviour standards and hiring well, all of which are covered in Day 3 of my PLAY NICE in the Sandbox program, Assertiveness and Confrontational Skills for Managers and Supervisors.
For all team members, I've previously written two #LeadershipTips on the topic of gossip:
Let's Dig Into Gossip and Dealing with Gossip in your Workplace

Prevent an outbreak of negativity at work. Save your mental health and the collective team morale that is both fragile and critical to success.

Remember, if you can’t find your way, call Penny Tremblay...because the high cost of conflict is avoidable and profits can be used for better things.

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