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Mapping Local Educated Society 1859-2009: Landscape and Culture in the Mapping Brisbane Education Project
In less than a decade major enterprises in digital mapping for history have emerged. Few mapping projects are being put together for understanding education and its relationship with local communities (informally) and societies & institutions (formally). Chris Johanson et al (2012: 123) explain their own local humanities projects in relation to teaching students ‘to understand, utilize and critique the tools and technologies related to the geospatial/geotemporal web’.

What has been done in the Australasian context is comparatively marginal, but it has made notable impact from work in ‘indigenous mapping’ (McClean 2013: 83-84). Thomas Coomans, Beike Cattoor and Krista De Jonge (2019: 9-14) have demonstrated how mapping methods for historical research is flourishing and the challenges in mapping landscape transformation. Those challenges include understanding the connection of the community, society, and culture to the landscape, and education, the history of education, should be at the centre of that discovery. The same perspective is also the heart of Buch’s work (2015).

A conceptual paper outlining continuing research work in the Mapping Brisbane History Project (Stage 6 MBH Education or Mapping Brisbane Education, and Stage 7 Belief, Thinking, Knowledge, Education, and Scholarship -- Brisbane 1859-1959) is provided. Examples of insights into the local educated societies/communities are provided from Stage 7 continuing work on the MBH website; available for viewing at

Buch, Neville. No Regrets in the Evening of Life: The History of Junction Park State School (1888-2013). Boolarong Press, 2015 (pp. 459).
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McClean, Nick. “Being on Country: Githabul Approaches to Mapping Culture.” Transcending the Culture–Nature Divide in Cultural Heritage: Views from the Asia–Pacific Region, edited by Sally Brockwell et al., vol. 36, ANU Press, 2013, pp. 83–100.

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