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Nam Shen // Model-Texture-Generalist // VFX Demo Reel 2020

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Here are two of my most recent personal projects I worked on. The goal was to push myself to achieve photorealism.

Growing up in the 90s, like anyone else, I was a huge nintendo fan. Unfortunately, I never got my hands on the original 1989 Gameboy so I decided to make a full CG model of it to sort of fill that gap... I was quite surprised with the result! A big goal of mine for this project was to improve my proficiency with utilising Mari. I wanted to make an attempt to take advantage of the power Mari has when it comes to texture resolution and its node graph workflow. Great tutorials online by texture artists Michael Wilde and Paul H Paulino certainly helped guide me to achieve pretty decent results. All in all, it was a fun piece to do from beginning to the end. It’s definitely not perfect but I’m quite content with the outcome.

The second model I chose to create was another personal piece. I believe I can speak for most Asians out there that karaoke is a huge part of our culture. Especially the older generations... I know that the technology for Karaoke machines have evolved from huge sound systems to just a tiny microphone, however, I thought this karaoke machine that my mother uses looked quite interesting. For this particular project, I kept the goal the same in terms of pushing myself closer to achieving photorealism and I believe it’s definitely getting closer and closer. Again, Mari played a huge role in achieving the final look. I'm most happy with how the leather turned out. By mixing and layering 2 different leather textures as well as a few grunge and/or dirt maps, I was able to really get it to blend nicely. Again, pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Any questions regarding the process or my work, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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