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Microtubules and consciousness

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This video summaries a theory of (entangled) consciousness developed by quantum biologist and chief anesthesiologist at the University of Arizona, Stuart Hameroff, and Professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford, physicist Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS. The latest findings strongly support their model of quantum-based mechanics within the brain engendering (or perhaps receiving) consciousness.

Supported by "Quantum Resonance in Brain Microtubules": Anirban Bandyopadhyay – a preeminent researcher in the quantum science of biology – has demonstrated high temperature quantum mechanical vibrations in brain neurons. The research, undertaken at the National Institute of Material Sciences in Tsukuba, Japan, found how the high frequency oscillation of microtubules - measured at one million cycles per second in this case (one megahertz – 1MHz oscillation of electrical dipole moments of free electrons and conformational switching), cause wave interference that may give rise to the characteristic shape of the electrical oscillations of the brain that are correlated with conscious awareness. Specifically a new kind of electroencephalographic signal (EEG) of 40 Hz / 4 Hz nested gestalts (gamma and delta oscillations, respectively), referred to as “beat frequencies”.

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