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May 2021 Job Opportunities By Gene Bortnick For Event Mana

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Good news for all the new beginners in event management. Here World famous producer, show organizer or talent hunt manager Gene Bortnick ready to help you by providing basics to building a career in event management.
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Have you ever seen a big event and wondered how everything comes together and fits in to make the event a successful one? An event involves a lot of things — food, lights, music, decoration, seating, performances, transportation, crowd management, publicity, and more. All these dynamic aspects of an event require proper planning and management and hence the need for trained professionals. Colleges and universities providing Event Management Course aim to educate aspiring individuals in the art and science of event management to aid the booming industry.

Here are the ABCs of building a successful career in the event management industry -


Considering you have the right set of skills and passion to make it big in this industry, all you need is a little experience. Participating in various events, big or small, at different levels can expose you to the nitty-gritties of managing an event. Here are some ways you can do so -

Association with an NGO — NGOs working in different fields such as healthcare, education, women empowerment, etc. organize various events from time to time. Associating with such organization will not only give you a chance to contribute to the society but also help you enhance your skills. You may get the opportunity to organize or play a significant role in the planning and managing of events such as awareness campaigns, blood donation camps, educational training sessions, seminars, and more.
Keeping Pace with Technology — currently, digital marketing is the need of the day. No matter what your profession is, you need to have a certain amount of expertise when it comes to digital platforms. Try and learn more about digital marketing and its various aspects and how they the assist event managers in planning and executing success events.
Get Certified — You might have a lot of experience, but clients often trust professional with authentic credentials. Taking up an event management class will provide you with the fundamental knowledge of event management and help you shape your career in the right way. Learning is always beneficial and a certificate will endorse you as a professional event manager, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Applying for a job:

Job prospects as an event organizer are plentiful. However, for landing the job of your dreams, here are some steps that you can follow -

College Placements — Studying from a reputed event management college surely gives you the added benefits of internships and placements. Colleges tie up with leading companies to place their students in the best of the best event management companies.
Portfolio Creation — An event portfolio can help you showcase the different projects you have undertaken with the help of photos, short description, customer reviews, brochures and invitations of those events. Your portfolio will project your capabilities as an event manager and provide your clients an insight into how you work.
Recommendations — Referrals and recommendation work wonders in this profession. So, search for eminent people of this industry and connect with them. Get in touch with human resource personals of leading event management companies to enlarge your network. The more professionals you are in contact with, the more recommendations you will get.

For live event management ideas Gene Bortnick is a best source for you.

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