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Marco Barotti - The Egg (2019)

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The Egg (2019)
Kinetic sound sculpture, 75cm x 150 cm

Natural rubber, speaker, virtual modular synthesizer, worldometers data stream, Internet

Driven by real-time data generated by the Worldometer, Marco Barotti's egg sculpture constantly changes shape. Like a cycle of life that is assigned neither beginning nor end, his egg, clad in natural rubber, symbolizes the fertility and mortality of humanity and addresses the issue of overpopulation on Earth. The data from the Worldometer counter, which records births and deaths, is converted into bass frequencies in real time. These frequencies, which are difficult for humans to hear, are strong enough to generate air pressure and sound vibrations through the drive of the subwoofer's movements, which interact with the flexible membrane of the egg structure. This egg sculpture, which is constantly in motion, according to the number of births and deaths, provides us with a sensory metaphorical demonstration of the impact of individual human beings on the earth and climate change.

Marco Barotti's (Berlin) multimedia art is driven by a desire to invent an artistic language in which the impact of technology on the environment can be perceived visually and sensually through kinetic sound interventions. His installations combine audio technology, consumer objects, and waste into moving sculptures triggered entirely by sound. Central to his work is the creation of a "tech ecosystem" that bears resemblance to the physiognomy of an animal, serving as a metaphor for the Anthropocene impact on the planet and thus aiming to sensitize people to environmental issues.

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