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Kevin Mendoza Finally Solds Impact Maker Scholarship

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I dream to become a Civil Engineer and to start and run an architectural and engineering firm with the goal to have a positive impact on people’s lives. I plan to use my skills obtained to give back to the community by taking a step to prevent things such as climate change, pollution, and population design to develop a better future. To obtain the correct skillset to achieve my dream, I will have overcome obstacles such as obtain a bachelor's degree, gain experience in the industry, obtain my master’s degree then to finally start my firm.
I have started my educational journey at a community college as I couldn’t attend a 4-year university out of high school due to financial hardships. However, the organizations I became a part of helped me tremendously. I joined the honors college at the community college and held positions such as secretary and a peer mentor. Within the honors college, I wrote 5 undergraduate honors research papers in 2 years of college. The research papers consisted of intricate research on a chosen topic which was accredited by academic journals and scholarly articles as sources. Learning how to conduct scholarly research helped me in other ways, especially in my stem courses as it improved my reasoning skills, level of understanding concepts, and the ability to do academic research.
Due to my success in my stem classes at the community college, I got accepted and will attend The University of Texas at Austin starting Fall 2020 as a junior. The reason I will be attending this school is due to various reasons such as having one of the best engineering programs in Texas and the nation, multiple connections to engineering companies, and great campus life from professors and driven students. With my time there I want to focus and have a specialty in structural engineering. Within the college of engineering not only will I learn from the classroom setting but also be available to use the labs on campus to perform hands-on research and test my experiments.
I plan to meet with more professionals when I attend The University of Texas due to the high volume of connections the school has throughout the city and companies. Furthermore, the easiest way I can seek advice and guidance is through the professors I will have when taking classes. Most students just see their professors as homework and assignment givers but most don’t realize the real-world knowledge they possess. I plan to form a connection with all my engineering professors when meeting with them to discuss their past in the industry and any out of class knowledge that I can obtain.
The education and experience I will obtain up to my master’s degree is focused on structural engineering, although my goals aren’t in direct correlation with it, I believe it is an important foundation step to reach my goal. As mentioned before my goal is to give back to my community with my main concern being the current problem of urban sprawl. This is an issue I want to focus on as I have seen first hand and experience what it can become in the worst-case scenario when I used to live in Bolivia. I want to ensure my community avoids the possible issues with such a fast pace growth of urban areas such as worsening air and drinking water, threats to groundwater supplies, high rates of polluted runoff, and increased flooding. I want to assure that my firm is working to help solve my local community in addition to helping other developing countries that already face these issues. I plan to address this issue and do a deep research as I want to write about this as a part of my thesis when I am obtaining my master’s degree.
As mentioned before, becoming a Civil Engineer and starting up my firm is a dream that is possible through hard work, perseverance, and taking advantage of any opportunity available. Many things influence my dreams, from my family, professors, and especially my hobbies. However, what truly inspires and fuels my dreams is the future. I want to have a hand process of solving those issues and much more through my passion for Civil Engineering, as with the right steps is a transformative engine that invokes change.

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