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JetBlack Rocker Plate

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Introducing the JetBlack Rocker Plate

Add a whole new dimension of freedom and movement to your indoor training.

At JetBlack with our focus on creating the best indoor training experience we have added a rocker plate to our ecosystem, this innovative new product provides an exhilarating riding platform for achieving your goals and challenging yourself.

The JetBlack Rocker Plate is designed to mirror the movement of riding outdoors and bring an authentic, responsive and engaging riding experience indoors.

Immerse yourself in a whole new level of indoor cycle training. Once you have experienced indoor training with the new JetBlack Rocker Plate and Turn Riser Block combo you will never want to ride on a fixed trainer again.

The problem with static trainers

When riding outdoors your bike and body are free to move across multiple planes. Unconsciously your body reacts to the motion of each pedal stroke and movement across the road, while your core muscle groups work to stabilize you through your ride.

When your bike is locked to a static indoor trainer all the energy created when you ride is transferred through your body and bike. This results in stress and fatigue on your body and equipment and compromises your performance.

Free yourself

Break free from being locked in. With each pedal stroke on the new JetBlack Rocker Plate, the rhythmic side-to-side rocking motion of outdoor riding is mirrored indoors. This sets you up for a more engaging and captivating riding experience, which is authentic, realistic and just a whole lot more fun.

The slight micro movements of the Rocker Plate relieve pressure points on the sit bones, wrists and shoulders commonly experienced while riding stationary indoors, this freedom of movement enables you to ride more comfortably and for longer.

A superior riding experience

For an optimal user experience, we suggest pairing the JetBlack Rocker Plate with the JetBlack Turn Riser Block, this allows for multiple dimensions of movement taking your indoor training experience to the next level.

When combining the turning action of the Turn Riser Block and side to side rocking movement of the Rock Plate you will experience a freedom of movement and superior indoor riding experience that is unparalleled, whilst also eliminating stress on your body and equipment.

Engage more muscles

Ride indoors as you would outdoors. The side-to-side rocking motion on the JetBlack Rocker Plate stimulates your body to engage more muscles than riding on a stationary indoor trainer. The JetBlack Rocker Plate provides 13° of total horizontal motion that encourages you to engage your core activating small and large stabilizing muscle groups to stay balanced like you do while riding outside.

These subtle improvements help you stay better focused and less stressed. It can also help improve your technique for max power output when climbing and sprinting.


The JetBlack Rocker Plate is ideal for all levels of experience. Whether you are just starting your indoor cycling journey or ridden hundreds of miles in your pain cave, you will love and benefits of the JetBlack Rocker Plate.

It is designed with multiple mounting points and fully compatible with just about any indoor trainer and bike configuration including the following:

JetBlack: VOLT, Whisper Drive Smart
Wahoo Fitness: KICKR Core, KICKR, KICKR Snap
SARIS: Mag, Mag+, Fluid 2, M2
TACX: Neo 2T, Flux 2, Flux, Flow
Quality build

The JetBlack Rocker Plate looks as good as it rides and is made from thick heavy-duty quality timber and materials to match the intensity of your workout and for maximum durability. Well-placed rubber grip pads ensure ease of use and protection of the top plate. The bottom plate features rubberized skid pads to make sure your Rocker Plate doesn’t move during a workout and scratch your floor.

What’s in the box

At JetBlack we like to think of everything so we have included all the accessories needed to get you set up and keep you riding.

Talk to your local bike shop or order one today at

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