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The Anti-Christ IS not one individual person, but many, many people, whose beliefs and actions work against the Christ, the consciousness of love and understanding and keeping to the ten commandments.
It was they who from time immemorial have created 10,000 laws from ten, in order that they may pull the wool over there Brethrens eyes when it suited them.

The Matrix

The oppression of higher consciousness has been a long-running affair for these controlling intruder groups. In the recent past, the church was the primary means of control over the population at large. Anyone who had a concept of God-Source as something other than the established view of the church would be quickly put down, through witch hunts, inquisitions, burning people at the stake or otherwise torturing and killing them in open view. If people began to understand themselves as Infinite being and one with Source, they would have no need of the church, their hierarchies, or their "god" of judgement and vengeance. They would no longer be controllable. This last iteration of the matrix program has seen an overall shift from monarchy to democracy. Every "system of governance" eventually wears out its welcome at some point and they have to move on to something else before the population loses faith and begins to resist. Sometimes it's necessary to orchestrate revolutions to impress the public with the idea that the change is legitimate, driven by real people at ground-level. In reality, it's only an illusion of change. While some of the lesser players are shuffled around, the names and faces on the public stage, the same core group of families remains in charge throughout, directing from behind the scenes. The "democracy/republic" appears to be their most effective system of control. Unlike a monarchy or dictatorship, it provides the illusion of choice/change and a way to gain consent and approval from the public through voting. Through their superficial participation, people are led to believe that they are the government, that it represents their will. Not only do political parties help maintain the illusion of choice, they are useful for dividing and diverting the public, getting people to fight over meaningless issues and blame each other when it goes "wrong". The system is meant to be a bureaucratic mess. It keeps the public spinning in circles, chasing false hopes which never lead anywhere. It keeps them from putting all the pieces together and seeing the big picture, who's really behind it, what they're doing and why. Governments and nations do not exist, certainly not as most people imagine. Nearly all of the world's "leaders" are Luciferian agents, including some of those from the so-called rogue states, like Iran's president Ahmadinejad (shapeshifter). They occupy the top positions in government, the military and the larger corporations. They control the global credit/money system, the banks and financial institutions. They run the media and entertainment industry, the educational and medical establishment. They even control the "criminal" and "terrorist"
organizations. They all serve the same agenda. There are many companies and organizations that are not part of the Luciferian agenda, that are actually trying to do something good. They're never part of the central control structure, however, and the reptilians work to keep them under the thumb of their regulatory agencies (FDA, AMA, EU, etc.). While it can be difficult at first, it's important to come to grips with the fact that the system is their creation and its core function is to control humanity. However, sometimes it is possible for people to turn the system to their advantage and make something positive for themselves. The internet is a good example of this. I believe their original intention in making it mainstream was to provide more sources of media propaganda/programming and reptilian brain diversion (pornography, online games, chat, etc.). It would allow them to more easily monitor the public's mood, find out what people are thinking, and gather information. There were also profits to be made. Many sites (including YouTube, Facebook and some of the conspiracy forums) are run by the intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, etc.), which should not come as a surprise. We can make good use of these things while they are available, but we should never lose sight of the intended purpose

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