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Iran news in brief, February 19, 2020

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Iran’s Interior Minister Acknowledges Elections Fraud

The Iranian Regime Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli has acknowledged the rigging and engineered nature of the regime’s sham elections. “Experience shows that most of the violations took place with people using the identification documents of dead people to vote for a second time. There is also the case of fake documents with which people used to vote. We have also seen people using the same ID documents to vote more than two, three or four times. They would go from one voting station to another, making it very difficult for authorities,” he said in recent remarks.
What Fazli refuses to mention is the fact that a very corrupt infrastructure is needed for people to so easily take advantage of. The regime refuses to prevent such fraud and voting violations, knowing the more votes can add up to a higher voter turnout and providing necessary propaganda material for its state media to broadcast and publish.

Iranian Students and Merchants Protest Repression by Security Forces

The students of the University of Science and Technology of Tehran held a rally on Monday, protesting recent crimes by the Iranian regime’s security forces, including the downing of a passenger airplane and the killing of protesters in January. They also rejected the upcoming parliamentary elections, which the regime has been widely publicizing.
In Kurdistan province, merchants and shop owners went on strike on Monday and closed their businesses in protest to the crimes of security forces against porters. On the previous day, security forces had opened fire on a group of porters who had been stuck in the snow, killing and injuring several people. In sympathy with the families of the victims and outrage at the crimes of the regime, the merchants of Paveh closed their shops.

Cutting Electricity in Different Towns and Cities in Fear of New Iran Protests

Based on the news released on social media, the Iranian regime has cut the power in many cities and provinces in order to prevent pre-announced protests and rallies on the 40th day memorial for the victims of the Ukrainian plane that was downed by the IRGC on January 8.

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