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Introduction to Anatomy | Body Movements | Video Lecture |

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Anatomy is Greek for “dissection”. It is a branch of biology that focuses on the in-depth study of the structure of an organism and its individual parts.

Lecture Duration - 00:45:38
Release Date - July 2020

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For medical students, human anatomy is one of the essential basic sciences that are applied every single day in clinical setting. Keeping this in view, our lecture “Introduction to Anatomy”, gives a detailed starting point to ace anatomy exams.

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Going into details about the subdivisions of anatomy, different anatomical terms, positions, planes, and movements:

✔️ Subdivisions of Anatomy
Human anatomy is divided into two main categories. These include macroscopic anatomy (gross anatomy) and microscopic anatomy (histology).

Gross anatomy is further subdivided into three types: surface anatomy (the external body), regional anatomy (specific regions of the body), and systemic anatomy (specific organ systems). These will be the main focus of this Anatomy course, moving forward.

✔️ Anatomical Concepts
It is important to know certain anatomical concepts by the medical student and the differences between the terms, homology and analogy or ontogeny and phyogeny.

✔️ Anatomical Terms
The terms related to anatomical positions, planes, movements, and clinical anatomy, are also important to know to get a full grasp of this subject.

✔️ Anatomical Positions
What do different anatomical positions mean like anterior/ posterior, superior/ inferior (crania/caudal), medial/lateral, proximal/distal, and unilateral/bilateral and what are the differences between each term.

✔️ Body Planes
Important anatomical planes include sagittal, midsagittal, median, frontal, coronal and transverse.

✔️ Body Movements
The educator demonstrates all the body movements on different joints in the body, like the shoulder joint, wrist joint, elbow joint and the movements of the lower body like the hip, knee, and ankle joint.

Flexion/ extension, abduction/ adduction, supination/ pronation, plantarflexion / dorsiflexion, inversion/ eversion, protraction/ retraction, and circumduction of the arms are shown to you, so they are extremely easy to remember.

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