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Inherited Hemolytic Anemias | Hematology Case Study | V-Le

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A female, Hana, showed up a complaint of sudden fever along with jaundice. After clinically examining her, doctors conducted hematological studies that exposed the onset of anemia. To make medical students understand the disease from which Hana is suffering and what are the signs and symptoms as well diagnosis, we at brought a thorough lecture on Inherited Hemolytic Anemias.

Lecture Duration - 01:07:49
Release Date - March 2020

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This Inherited Hemolytic Anemias Hematology Medicine V-Learning™ provides you the knowledge of hereditary spherocytosis, disorders of cation transport, and enzyme abnormalities. Also, the familial hemolytic uremic syndrome is reported.

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Inherited hemolytic anemias student lecture begins with the explanation of the classification of Hemolytic Anemia. Before getting into the details of the types of hemolytic anemias, the general Pathology and laboratory features are highlighted.

The types of hemolytic anemias encompass acquired and inherited anemia. The Acquired Hemolytic Anemias is the mainstay of another Hematology Medicine lecture.

After that, the focus of this medical inherited hemolytic anemias lecture is shifted towards the discussion of inherited Hemolytic Anemia. In this regard, abnormalities of membrane -cytoskeleton complex are made understandable.

This hemolytic anemias medical lecture teaches you about hereditary spherocytosis. It is associated with a variety of Mutations that lead to defects in Red Blood Cells (RBC) membrane Proteins.

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For the diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis, both familial history and laboratory investigations are considered. Following this, the treatment of hereditary spherocytosis is discussed.

Disorders of cation transport are the next subject of discussion of this hematology inherited anemias lecture. In addition to this, comprehensive comments are given on enzyme abnormalities.

The enzyme abnormalities highlighted in this inherited anemias hematology lecture encompass the defects in some of the enzymes of the glycolytic pathway, redox pathway, and nucleotide metabolism.

At the end of this inherited anemias online lecture, medical students are educated about the familial hemolytic uremic syndrome. It is further categorized into four types i.e. typical HUS, atypical HUS, secondary HUS, and idiopathic HUS.

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