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About Nancy Goldberg

I came to hypnosis as a career the same way many hypnotists do. I was hypnotized myself, for asthma. I had terrible asthma for years, and in order to keep breathing––literally––I had to take several medications every day, with nasty side effects. After several years of this, I was miserable, and desperate enough to schedule a couple of sessions with a hypnotist, despite being pretty skeptical.

I felt a subtle difference right away. Then I was taught to do self-hypnosis, and sent home with instructions to find a quiet place and hypnotize myself twice a day, using the suggestions the hypnotist had given me.

Two months later, I didn’t have asthma anymore. It felt like a miracle, but what I had experienced was the mind’s power to heal the body.

I’m not saying hypnosis can cure cancer. But there are things it can do that are astonishing: for instance, instead of gastric band surgery for weight loss, you can be hypnotized into feeling like you’ve had the surgery. It’s called virtual gastric band surgery, and it works! People start eating tiny little portions, as if their stomachs have been surgically constricted.

In my case, I saw how powerful hypnosis is, and realized that by learning it, I could help people heal themselves or achieve their personal goals––to reduce stress, overcome fears and phobias, increase their self-confidence, lose weight, give up cigarettes and other addictive substances or habits––and about a hundred other issues.

Before becoming certified in hypnosis, I worked for many years as a journalist and writer (I still write fiction and book reviews), for newspapers including the Boston Globe, the Forward, the New York Observer, the New York Post, the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish News; magazines including the Atlantic Monthly, US Magazine; and Book Magazine; and on-line media including

Journalism might sound completely unrelated to hypnotherapy, but it isn’t: Just as writing is all about telling stories, the hypnotist’s job is to figure out what negative assumptions and stories a client has been telling her- or himself, often since childhood. And the way you get rid of toxic stuff like that is to help the client create a different narrative that’s healthier and happier.

It sounds simplistic, but dramatically improving people’s lives often comes down to simply helping them reframe their history in a way that gives them confidence, and redefines their goals as plausible and achievable. And in a way, I’ve been training to do that all my life.

The best part, for me, is watching people start to feel better, immediately. Even when someone comes in to deal with a complicated issue that might take multiple sessions, she still leaves the first session feeling more relaxed and un-stressed-out. One of my clients told me he felt as if he’d just had a two-week vacation. Now, that’s amazing. And naturally, it makes me feel great, too.

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