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HIT Therapys HIT Game

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The HIT GAME™ is a quasi-self-defense movement exercise game that teaches the preservation of energy. Participants of the HIT GAME™ are able to work toward increasing their: agility, awareness, coordination, confidence, determination, endurance, energy, fortitude, goodwill, grit, harmony, kindness, mindfulness, perseverance, respect, rhythm, stamina, staying power, strength, synchronization, tenacity, timing, and toughness.
Each game encounter is an opportunity for participants to increase their self-control and hone their skills at being more mindful of their ability to increase their self-control by practicing the art of hitting softer and faster.
Win by hitting softer and faster: As a young boy, fifty years ago, a friend of mind said to me "I can hit softer than you." I recall retorting back, "No sir, I can hit softer than you can." I was 8 years old when I first made that statement. Today, 50+ year later, I can still keep the promise: "I can hit softer than you can."
Societal pressures teaches us to hit hard. In this modern age of technology, individuals and organizations often "hit" each other so hard that subsequent apologies have minimal or have no healing effect whatsoever.
The Soft and Fast Hitting Game: In support of "anti-bullying" efforts, the authors of the HIT GAME™ Teresa and Cisco Muldez, made this game available with the hope that people groups around the world would use it to better engender kindness toward one another (see:

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