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HEXA is an immersive visual and sound experience on the Schiaparelli Glacier, located in the Darwin Mountain Range, Sub-Antarctic ecoregion of Magallanes.
It is materialized through the transformation into visuality, 3D animation and synthetic sounds of a selection of data about the retreat of the glacier compiled by scientists, generating an interaction with the characteristics of the water, its processes and relationships.
Since its first explorations, the study of the large continental ice masses in the southern zone of Chile has been based on data collection. Records such as the advance and retreat of glaciers, the fluctuations of energy involved, the speed of ice flow, its water contributions to the sea are information that exists in various formats, being processed and used in different ways in the territory of science.
In the context of the current climate crisis, and specifically in the vital point related to water as a dynamic element of planet Earth, it is necessary to give visibility and amplify through new mechanisms the critical points formed by the millennial ice.
The retreat of the Schiaparelli glacier is part of a process that makes the chain of life visible, offering the possibility of contemplating not only the phenomena reflected in the large scale of the landscape but also in the small transformations that generate the conditions for the appearance of flora and fauna.
The project assumes the relationship between art and science as a translation of languages. A transformation from the quantitative and qualitative measurement data with which a scientist works to the textures, colours and sounds used by a contemporary artist.
Understanding it as a living experience fed by data, the project is proposed as an interdisciplinary collaboration that links knowledge and technology through a team composed of scientists specialized in the area (glaciologist and biologist) who select the study data of the glaciers; artists defining the characteristics and the script of the transformation; and a team of designers and developers who give shape by activating the virtual visual and sound representation.
In HEXA, water is sensitive material, a model of the earth's territory and a witness to planetary time. It allows to understand in a new way the complex space of exchange between living beings and their environment, originating new readings, conclusions and also new questions, giving access to a territory of scientific knowledge whose specialized understanding is transformed into experience for anyone who accesses the website.

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