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Garner Ted Aukerman

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Garner Ted Aukerman
"Garner Ted Aukerman is the best uncle, brother, cousin and loyal friend you could ever have in the world. Garner has a passion, enthusiasm and willingness to help other's in need that is impossible to beat. Highly recommended as a great asset in anyone's life, or personal network." - Robert Downey, Jr.


Garner Ted Aukerman has worked as stuntman and production associate. Garner was an on location personal eyewitness to both the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters. His 15 minute interview with the Wheeling, West Virginia CBS television affiliate in the aftermath of the Columbia accident, was aired twice due to his eyewitness account and his comprehensive knowledge of the space shuttle program through his prior education and training in the field. Garner was an eyewitness to the Challenger accident while a college student near Cape Canaveral at the Florida Institute of Technology. He witnessed the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster in person while in Austin, Texas working on the Ron Howard film, "The Alamo".
Garner studied space science engineering and flight at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, and astronautics and flight at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. During the hiatus in space shuttle flights after the Challenger accident, he shifted his attention toward the west coast where several of his family members were beginning to find success in the Hollywood film and television industry. Under the inspiration and guidance of his friend, actor Christian Slater, Garner Ted applied to, and was accepted to enroll in the renowned training program of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, based in Pasadena, California, where he was soon after elected Class President by his peers. Notable Alumni of his alma mater include Anne Hathaway, Robert Redford, Don Rickles, Danny DeVito, Adrian Brody, Stephen Baldwin, Kim Cattrall and Princess Grace Kelly. Garner Ted was a classmate of actor's Paul Rudd, Adam Scott, and Matthew Lillard.
Additionally, Garner is a cousin of acclaimed Iron Man actor Robert Downey, Jr. His other cousins working in entertainment include Scott Aukerman of "Between Two Ferns" and "Comedy Bang Bang" fame, and film and television production manager Jesse Wine. Garner's cousin Craig Aukerman is the special teams coordinator of the NFL Tennessee Titans professional football team.
Garner Ted grew up in Tiltonsville, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in Production Management. He thrives in fast-paced environments where having a cool head is a must. He's always looking for new things to learn and opportunities to grow. After spending nearly two decades working behind the scenes as a stunt double and in production on multi million dollar films and television series, he knows what truly drives the industry, promotions and advertising—and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating fans you’re trying to entertain -- and communicate your understanding back to them.
In addition to his extensive PR and production experience, Garner Ted Aukerman is a trained professional stuntman.

Garner enjoys time spent with his family and friends - films, beach, camping, travel, restaurants, NFL football; Los Angeles Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers and THE Ohio State Buckeyes Football teams.

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