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Want to learn about forensic dentistry and all its aspects? Here is our medical video lecture delivered by our medical specialist, Dr Hina Khan. This lecture elaborates about the various bite marks along with the nature and investigation of any bite mark. Subsequently, identification through a bite mark and general or reconstructive identity has been elucidated. Conclusively, you will find a detail discussion on the charting of teeth, radiography of the head and pink teeth.

The major focus of this section is on the bite marks. In the beginning, the term forensic odontology has been defined. Following this, a detail elaboration is provided on the bite marks on various objects and in various circumstances. Bite marks to food items and marks on human body have been explained. Additionally, Dr Hina sheds light upon the bites in assaults and the instance bites (during arresting).

Investigation of Bite Mark has been considered in this section. Primarily, nature of the bite mark along with teeth marks have been expansively talked about. Moreover, bites inflicted by teeth closing down and marks left by lower incisors have been explained. Towards the end, problems with bite marks and investigation of a bite mark has been delineated in-detail.

This section emphasizes on the identification through bite mark. Firstly, matching bite mark with suspect’s dentition and correspondence between teeth and bite mark has been comprehensively elucidated. Dr Hina has also shed light upon the tooth impression being a better evidence than an absent mark. Conclusively, identification of dead from dentition via either DNA analysis or dental investigation has been conversed about.

General or Reconstructive Identity is the focal point of this section. Determination of gender, race and age via dental investigation has been explained broadly. Moreover, the comparative identification from teeth by establishing personal identity and the evidence provided by dental records has also been highlighted.

This section describes about the charting of teeth. Two methods for recording the dental data have been mentioned. Following this, diagrammatic or anatomical charts, way to gain access to the mouth and the presentation of the dead body has also been highlighted. In addition to this, preservation of teeth, radiography of the head and the range of features recorded at autopsy have been shed light upon. In the end, Dr Hina has deliberated about the comparison with ante-mortem records along with pink teeth.
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Lecture Duration: 00:50:21
Released: February 2019

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Forensic medicine deals with examination and assessment of humans who have been - or are suspected to have been - injured or killed by external influence such as trauma or intoxication, but also of human beings who are suspected of having injured another person.

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