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Flutter-Cancer visualization

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The word "Flutter" is translated as flapping wings, flapping wings, and shaking. "Flutter" is used as the name of the design work, which means the non-stop tremor of life. Life is actually more powerful than we think. However, in the face of disease, many people even give up on themselves before the body surrenders and give up easily. I hope that through this work, human cells and viruses can be visualized and passed on to the experience of human life. Rhythm and struggle to increase the awe of life and cherish life.


The core idea of the work "Flutter" is to use the process of struggle between virus cells and human cells to show the rhythm of life and the beauty of struggle. Under the design principle of not over-stacking interactive technology, it is found that the visual and auditory effects in the display of interactive installation art are still all sensory effects, the most capable of bringing the audiences strong artistic expression. Therefore, the abstract visual design of virus cells and human cells is the focus of this design.

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