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Feminist Futurist HuManifesto

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We are feminists. We are futurists.
We choose “Feminist” to describe a point of view which embraces equality for beings who necessarily have a multiplicity of stories and visions to share.
What then is Feminist Futurism?
Feminist Futurism is a fusion of two words that bring with them some baggage. We acknowledge this and choose to do the heavy lifting.
Feminist Futurism offers visions of coexistence, healing, and community with all living things. We elevate the voices of people of color, and seek models of hybridity, interrelatedness, and recognition of what human beings share.
Futurists, people whose career is to study present trends and predict future possible outcomes, are predominantly white men. Technology designed and created by those already in possession of privilege and power is rapidly adopted without regard to cultural, economic and environmental impacts. This disregard has led to societal alienation, a crisis of meaning, profound economic and social injustice, and impending environmental catastrophe. We need the voices and creativity of womxn, gender non-binary and people of color to impact humanity’s course and help change the future for all humankind.
Feminist Futurists believe we must evolve away from a binary worldview of opposing forces towards one of complementarity. In nature, opposing forces are balancing forces. Each is a part of the whole. We propose a paradigm shift in worldview from Man vs. Nature to Nature is Us; a shift away from the male/female binary towards the human whole, integrated.
We call on Artists to lead the way in building a more inclusive future for Humankind to evolve within the natural world on planet Earth. We need your vision and creativity to propose futures that break free of old utopic and dystopic frames.
The future is not only technology, but also social, religious, political and economic structures. What are the new cultural meta-narratives? What new myths, religions, stories might we imagine guiding our future lives and those of future generations? What might replace patriarchal structures of social injustice and oppression? What better models will evolve for humans to interact with other life on this earth? What will Beauty look like? Or Love? How will we live... think...relax...dream? Join with us. Our future depends upon it.

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