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Essentium Debuts Full IDEX Industrial 3D Printer! 3D Print

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Essentium has just unveiled their newest addition to their game changing HSE line of 3D printers. The HSE 280i HT brings independent dual extrusion to their lineup of already impressive printing technologies. However, this isn’t your ordinary IDEX system. This is the world’s first FULLY INDEPENDENT IDEX SYSTEM in an industrial printer. The HSE 280i HT has two completely independent extruder modules that move separately on their own X and Y axis. This means in addition to multi material prints and “copy modes'', you can use the massive build volume to print two completely different models! This also greatly improves the dual extrusion abilities of existing printing modes for multi-materials.

The HSE 280i HT doesn’t make any compromises in print quality and speed. The new printer boasts print speeds of up to 500mm/s using a non-slip, high torque extrusion system powered by linear servo motors. Unlike most FDM printing processes, the 280i HT uses a “multimodal heating method” that heats up the part itself instead of relying on a heated build chamber that can take time to heat up before starting a print. The new printer looks to solve the traditional problems of additive manufacturing on the factory floor: speed, strength and scale which have held back many companies from fully shifting to full-scale production 3D printing in nearly every industry. Like its siblings, the 280i HT uses Essentium’s ground breaking technology to solve each one of these issues.

According to Blake Teipel, Ph.D., CEO of Essentium, “The manufacturing industry is increasingly moving toward a leaner and more agile future enabled by Additive. This is the beginning of radical change, where billions will be saved through new economic and production models”, “But this change requires continuous and unrelenting innovation to be able to do things not done before, to make parts that haven’t been made before – and manufacture things that haven’t been manufactured before. This is our goal with the launch of the industry’s first true IDEX machine – we believe the HSE 280i HT 3D Printer is a game-changer giving manufacturers the ultimate machine tool to 3D print at scale”.

Essentium also unveiled a new PPCF material, a polypropylene with carbon fiber in it, created in partnership with the LEHVOSS Group. This new material has 20% carbon fill made with LUVOCOM 3D resin. This material blends great mechanical performance with exceptional chemical resistance. Essentium says that this material is ideal for silicone and urethane molding applications due to its low surface energy which makes molded parts easily removable. If you want more information on Essentium printers or are looking into buying any of their signature materials like PCTG and HTN-CF25, be sure to check out our website at!

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