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Emotion Chef vs Kitchen Chef

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If you have read any of my articles or watched my videos, you will have learned that emotions are changeable - especially when you know the “emotion recipe.”

But what makes an Emotion Chef?

By definition, a chef has experienced a full array of flavors, taste combinations, foods at their peak of maturity, seasonings, and texture combinations.
The chef’s palate is so fine-tuned that they can taste food and identify the ingredients.

Becoming an Emotion Chef is similar. Emotion Chefs can distinguish their emotions and fine-tune their emotion recipes.

This happens when emotional granularity -- the ability to precisely label our emotions -- is developed. A key method for acquiring this skill is by adding emotion words to our vocabulary. Each word is another invitation to construct your experiences in new ways.

The more emotion words we have to “cook” with, the greater our emotional granularity.

And, with emotional granularity comes resilience.
The trick to emotional granularity and workplace resilience isn't just adding words, it’s learning to "cook" with the inherent tools we already have at our disposal - in the same way that you use kitchen tools to execute a recipe - to help everyone better manage the emotion recipes that we produce.
I’m Kim Korte, Emotion Culturist and creator of The Emotion Chef.

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