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Editing Reel 2020 | Bronston Keliipuleole

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Legit Exteriors Spot
Roles: Producer/ Editor/ Director
Objective: Asked to shoot a before, during and after spot.
Challenges: Originally I was suppose to interview the homeowner, but the homeowner declined the interview. Then they just wanted a music montage of the process. I made the call to write a script and present it as a story and a statement of what it takes to complete a full production, presenting both of the edits to the Company Owner. Do to time constraints I recorded myself in the studio. I have a raspy voice so I had to clean it up by shift the tone of my voice and the pitch to something a little deeper.
Result: The owner chose to use the edit with the voice over.
RiverPirates NW
Roles: Editor/ Director
Objective: I have been doing this YouTube channel called RiverPirates NW with a friend of mine. This is not my first Rodeo with YouTube and we wanted to see how fast we can get to 100 subscribers organically.
Challenges: This was 1 of 3 videos we posted. This one specifically was an edit for short video segments where we do tutorials, reviews and tips that have to do with fishing. I coined the segment as Tackle box Tuesdays. The biggest challenge is trying to hook people in the first few seconds of the video. I thought it would be cool to do a quick cut version of the tutorial before we go into the explanation of why, when and how we use this technique.
Result: Analytics show that this technique extends the typical viewers watch time of the video an extra 30 seconds. We were also successful in getting our first 100 organic Subscribers in our first month. Future Videos will have continue to improve.
Hoku Aki Crispin Video
Roles: Editor/ Director
Objective: I was approached the night before I shot this video by a family member to shoot his music video, he has had trouble with hiring freelance film makers who shoot very nice videos but neglect the editing portion, sometimes never delivering the finished product. He asked me to do something along the lines of the White Iverson Music Video by Post Malone.
Challenges: The fact that I really had no planning portion of this shoot meant I would spend extra time in the editing portion. The main thing is that I over shot and had all the materials needed to finish. It wasn't a super challenging video but it did have it's set of issues. Color correction between cameras were the most challenging part of this.
Result: He got this edit within a week of the shoot.
Real Estate Videos
Roles: Camera Operation/ Editing
Objective: Wanted something different than the usual edit of a walk through video.
Challenges: How to use the same style of edit used in most real estate videos and still make it stand out.
Result: I used sound design with dramatic music choices to give it a more emotional impact. Real Estate Agent said she got an email from the team of people who do analytics on the video and it was the highest performing video she has had so far.

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