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Data Protection with File Versioning in AWS

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Watch the video to find out how Tiger Bridge, our software-only solution, enables full file version control in the cloud to ensure continuous data protection and resilient cloud backup.
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More details:
Tiger Bridge is the only non-proprietary, software-defined data and storage management system to blend on-premises and multi-tier, multi-cloud storage into a single space. This human-friendly, transparent, and seamless file and application server extension enables millions of Windows server users to benefit from AWS scale and services, while securely preserving legacy applications and workflows.

Tiger Bridge now includes file version control in the cloud, enabling users to restore a previous version of a file or folder with a simple right-click option. Versioning control with Bridge can help in the following scenarios: total loss, version restore, timestamp restore, and file undelete. Files are protected in the event of total loss, for example in the case of a natural disaster (for more info on disaster recovery with Tiger Bridge, see our dedicated video). Files and folders can be restored to a previous version following an accidental change. Time-based restores protect against deletion, corruption or a crypto virus attack, and files can be recovered in seconds by any user directly from the file system. There is also an undelete feature for accidentally deleted files, even if they have been permanently deleted.

Tiger Bridge delivers CDP (Continuous Data Protection) that has superior RPO and RTO, compared with traditional batch-based backups, thus ensuring business continuity. Data is protected in real time in the cloud while always remaining accessible to users and applications.

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