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My dear friend Piotr Chmielewski is preparing a short film called Crab and I am happy that I could animate this teaser with him in Lodz, Poland, where the actual film will be shooted. Crab will be made by puppet stop motion animation.

The sinking of the Titanic was a great catastrophe for most of its passengers. But there was an individual who experienced it as a miracle. For the crab from the ship’s kitchen it was opportunity to stay alive. We watch him going from the boiling pot to the bottom of the ocean.

Animals are our silent companions; they have witnessed the greatest achievements and most horrible failures of humankind. They live their lives parallel to ours – they are our food, our tools or, in the best case, we just don’t notice them. Usually our victory means death for them, but there are moments where the situation changes…

I hope that in this way I will be able to stimulate empathy in the audience by showing them a story that everybody knows but from a completely different perspective. The idea for this movie is part of a series of short films that will show important events in human history seen from the perspective of animals.

The animation will follow the story of a crab who lives in an aquarium that is placed in a kitchen. We see from his POV animals disappearing and being killed. The tension escalates as his turn approaches. Finally, it is his time to be taken, tied and placed in a pot. But something extraordinary happens.

We discover that this kitchen is on a ship that is sinking. In the chaos the crab survives and we see him washed away with utensils and dead animals from the kitchen. He returns to his natural habitat.

Many scenes in this animation will be shot from the crab’s POV. In the film there will be a very shallow depth of field, limited colour palette and big sound contrast between scenes in and out of the water. This creates the impression of the animals’ fragility in the middle of the deadly chaos created by humans.

Director: Piotr Chmielewski
Producer: WJTeam
Technique: puppet stop motion
Length: 6 min
No dialogues
Est. budget: 70 000 €
Target Audience: arthouse and festival audience
Status: in development
Excepted release date: 2022

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