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CLASSICS | Shiny People

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This series celebrates the notorious trends living in 3D art past few years, which over time became almost its own art discipline, mass psychosis, and high addiction for many artists. We love them or hate them, but they are everywhere and here to stay as icons, totems, and history.
I chose to visualize it through traditional embroidery craftsmanship to induce almost the folklore meaning it gained in the 3D world. The cross-stitch technique resembles pixels, which in my opinion is an excellent common language of old-time physical and modern digital craft.

Shiny People

Shiny People are a great phenomenon in 3D art. They became so popular that some artists decided to focus solely on them and the world around them. To me, the most famous originator of this theme is Alexy Préfontaine a.k.a. Aeforia. His shiny people renders are of superb quality always accompanied by genial compositions, cool outfits, spectacular colors, and strong feelings. Since it is fairly easy to create a basic shiny textureless person, there are also many low-effort, even grotesque, attempts to mimic this art.

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