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Chocolat corn-flakes

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On Monday we didn’t have the greatest day, all the kids had brought in their ingredients but for some reason we didn’t have enough chocolate, so we had to borrow some from the kitchen. Then, We didn’t know what to put the chocolate cornflakes in so we found some cupcake baking trays and decide to put it in there. Then we put it in the freezer. Then the kids got very agitated and weren’t speaking all the same languages which was excluding some people. Me and my partner tried to calm the kids down but it was very difficult because they were very agitated and when we tried they would get angry with us so we had to bring Miss Macey our teacher in to help us. They also sometimes bring Their friends to baking club, this is annoying for us because we are not babysitting club end it also means that we need to give them food which is unfair to the other kids who bring ingredients so that they can make food for themselves. Otherwise when we took the cornflakes out of the freezer we realized that we didn’t know how to get them out and we were afraid that they would crumble. However we found a good technique on how to get them out without them crumbling so the corn flakes for success.

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