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Brother LED Range Available At HuntOffice

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Brother Colour Laser Printers
• Colour laser printers are great option for home office and business users who require high quality print outs with option to print both in black & white and colour. Colour laser printers have become very affordable and can be considered as an alternative for ink printers as not only do they provide fast, efficient mono printing, they also allow printing colourful documents such as leaflets, flyers, spreadsheets, reports, etc.

• Before buying a printer you should consider the type and volume of documents that are going to be printed with it. Colour laser printers are designed to deliver great quality, sharp text and graphics; they can also be used for printing images but results for such might not be good as with ink printers.

• With print technology that is used in colour laser printers the print speed for both colour and mono is significantly higher than in inkjet machines. When looking at print speeds specifications you should use these numbers as a way of comparing print speeds between various colour laser printer models rather than actual output speeds as these figures are based on printing in specific conditions which are hard to replicate in real work environment. Basic colour laser printers state their print speed at 10-15 black and white pages per minute and 4-5 colour pages per minute; more advanced models claim to print both colour and monochrome documents with speeds excessing 30 pages per minute.

• When looking for a colour laser printer you might also look at print resolution which is quite important when printing colour rich and detailed documents. The minimum standard for colour laser printers is 600x600dpi (dots per inch).This sufficient for everyday printing of standard size text and some basic graphics. If your type of work requires printing small size text (less than 6 points) and graphics which include thin lines a colour laser printer with at least 1,200dpi would be more suitable.

• If you are printing documents that are full of graphics and images it is worth checking the memory size of the machine as colour laser printers use their internal memory to process the print job. This might not be as important if you only print text documents but when a large part of your printing includes graphics, large memory will allow you to print at better speeds. A lot colour laser printer models come with extendable memory that can be added at a later stage.

• Since most of business printers work in networked environments it is worth to check what type of connectivity does a particular type of colour laser printer offer. Printers which are referred to as “networked” or “network ready” printers can be connected to multiple computers via an LAN cable which allows several users to use the same printers. In last couple of years the wireless technology has become an extremely popular feature as it gives you the possibility to connect computers with the printer without the need of using cables. A lot of colour laser printers incorporate both of these features. It is pretty straight forward to identify what connectivity type does one printer often as these features are marked with N (for network ready printers) and W (for wireless network) within the printers model number.

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