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The art-science project BRAINPALACE explores the potential of neurofeedback within the
context of an art installation.
Visitors meet in the art installation to go on an audio-visual journey together.
During the journey, their brain waves are measured and these measurements are used to
control the light, sound and movement of the artwork.
Researchers study the signals to better understand how brains synchronize when we
experience something together.
How might we combine art and neuroscience to practice empathy together?
What happens in our brains when we socially bond?
Can experiencing art together bring us into a similar state of mind?
Can we use technology to help us become more aware of each other?
The project “BRAINPALACE - BRAINPATTERNS Power and Patterns of Thought” is part of
the exhibition series “Art meets Science” and the network “Science, Art and Design” of the
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It is a collaboration between the Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial
Engineering IAO, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM, the artist Tatjana
Busch, the creative studio ATELIER E, and the exhibition laboratory STATE Studio.

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