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Through my years of school so far, I have seen many different styles of teaching. Majority of the time it was due to how the desk were arranged in the room. This could include rows, tables, circles, etc. Some of these styles were great for the type of class they were in, others made the class worse. How the desks are arranged can affected student learning. The number of students in the class has an effect on desk set up as well. If the class is large, discussion-based desk arrangement would not be ideal. However, in smaller classes this arrangement would work better. Another problem I found was how the desk set-up effected how the teacher was presented to the class, as in hierarchy. When the desks are put into rows, the teacher is seen as on top and gets all of the attention. If the desks are put into a circle, for discussion, the teacher is not the number one focus of the class and is seen as part of the discussion. After identifying the problems, I have produced some questions. The first would be, which arrangement of desks do students prefer? What benefits does a discussion/ group set-up have? Cons? Have there been any studies done to see which styles lead to better student success? These questions have helped me realize why the desk arrangement in a classroom is so important. The stake of how the classroom is arranged is student success in the end. The style of the classroom can affect how well the student retains the information, leading to success or failure.

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