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B.R.I.G.H.T - short film

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This film is to represent a frail state of mind and the effects of loneliness whilst following the theme of “Bright”. The film shows the brief evolution of the character’s mental state as we see him isolating himself in darkness and trying to avoid daylight to later seeing him adapting and changing to a healthier and happier state of mind showing the importance of daylight to a person's mood. The opening shot shows the character in darkness with the only source of light coming from a screen, this is to show the character’s isolation from the outside world and is also implemented to show the damage that can be done to teenagers who only engage with technology instead of engaging with each other. We then see the character on the phone to a friend standing in front of a closed curtain with a slight crack of light coming through, this is intentionally done to show the character trying to avoid the light and live in darkness. The shot with the character lying in bed shows a strip of light beaming on the character which is done to show the brief development of the character as well as the focus set on him. We then see the character bring light back into his life as he decides whilst lying in bed that it is time to better himself. The changing of positions in bed is to show the frustration he is feeling so he decides to take a leap and let in some light. The remainder of the film is to show him in bright colours and in daylight with a similar closing shot to the start although this time he is in bright light which shows the contrast in his new and improved state of mind. This film is limited by the lack of software and equipment available to me as I wanted to show the character in a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio to represent the character’s boxed up, isolated and enclosed state of mind.

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