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AUDITION CALL for Internships
For the new production of K&A, CHANGE THE GAME we are looking for physical performers.CHANGE THE GAME is an edgy multidisciplinary physical performance that underlines the political and poetical frames of our society: determinism, social class, migration and citizenship. Welcome to New Ebony; the city where chess rules. This performance is based on the successful comic Un monde en pièces from Gaspard & Ulysse Gry:

“What if our society was a gigantic chessboard, with a king, rebellious pawns, and “Checkers”, migrating from another board game, threatened with expulsion? Between manipulation, corruption, fear of migrants and the rise of totalitarianism, this political thriller sketches the current events of a society caught up in the spiral of a destructive game.”
Link to online version of the comic:

We are looking for 3 movers, to join our team with an internship and explore/express/create with us the physical language of chess pieces. We are working in a multidisciplinary setting and we are looking for people that are interested in working on physicality in the cross-over of music, theater, dance & technology.

Who: physical performers interested in multidisciplinary work (currently studying)
What: Internship
Where: Leiden & Tour in the Netherlands
When: 22 August till 2 October 2021
Premiere: 4 September 2021, Theater Ins Blau
Salary: Internship fee of 350 euro per month.

If interested send a mail to Karla: [email protected]
We will be accepting applications and organising one on one auditions from now on till end of may 2021.
CHANGE THE GAME is a coproduction of K&A with Theater Ins Blau.

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