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Artificial Reality 人工真實 - Trailer E

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Artificial Reality
Robotic Installation 機械裝置

“Mythologies: Surrealism and Beyond — Masterpieces from Centre Pompidou”
The Special Gallery, 2/F
Hong Kong Museum of Art
2021.05.21 – 2021.09.15

2021.05.21 – 2021.09.15

Jean Baudrillard warned in “Simulacra and Simulation”: The simulation, reflection of basic reality originally, is harming or even replacing the basic reality.

As time goes by when digital technology intervent in our everyday life, the “reality” is heterotactic and creates this simulation gradually, this is the hyperreality of what Jean Baudrillard mentioned. The Hyperreality that created by digital technology expose everyone in danger and everyone will pay the cost of it very soon; as we won’t be able to differentiate what we see is actually from the real “real”, or actually the simulation already replacing the actual reality. Particularly referring to the chaotic situation resulted from how artificial intelligent creates the sub-conscious of one self and further integrates with overwhelming information, social media and high-speed communication, people are at the age that high-speed internet already broke the physical boundary. If the artificial conscious is able to generate its own sub-conscious, does the era of hyperreality replaced the reality is already arrived?

Artificial Reality is derived the infinity replication through the artificial sub-consciousness, it is the Hyperreality right behind the Virtual; from the reflection of reality, the masking to the perversion from the reality, and then eventually masking with the absence of reality, and even out of or detach from any reality. This unique status of mimicry formulate a new reality, a hyperreality is more real than the reality.

In the chaotic reality of reality and artificially made hyperreality, is that we are living in our own simulacrum? Is the hyperreality the new surreal?

尚. 布希亞 在《擬仿物與仿真體》中已經警告:「原來只是反映『原真實』的仿真體有可能危害到,乃至於取代『原真實』。」


藏在虛擬背後所建構的「超真實」實體,Artificial Reality 《人工現實》 正在從由人工生成的潛意識中無間斷創作及複製,從真像的投射、偽裝和曲解真像,到偽裝不存在的真像、脫離真像與事實,成為一個獨立的擬態,擲入人類還以為的真實當中,產生比真實還真實的超真實,並成為了新的真實。



Commissioned by Hong Kong Museum of Art
香港藝術館 委託創作






Jointly presented by
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
The French May Arts Festival

Jointly organised by
Hong Kong Museum of Art
Centre Pompidou

Exhibition made possible with major support of
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Supported by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong
Sponsors: Shun Tak Holdings Limited and BNP Paribas

A Programme of The French May Arts Festival


Team 團隊

Artist 藝術家:
Keith Lam 林欣傑

Producer 監製:
Joel Kwong 鄺佳玲  

Creative Coding, Electronic Engineering, Production 創意編程,電子工程,製作:
Keith Lam, Seth Hon 林欣傑, 韓家俊

Music, Sound, Robotics Engineering 聲音, 機械人工程 :
Keith Lam 林欣傑
Production Team 製作團隊:
Sky Region Production, Dimension Plus

Special Acknowledgement 特別鳴謝 :

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