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Aquarium Depot Review by Melodi L

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For many years I raised and wholesaled freshwater tropical fish, but I always wanted a saltwater aquarium--particularly for seahorses--and finally got my wish, as a birthday present from me to me! Not quite 3 yrs. old now, my 29 gal. BioCube has been the home for my seahorses. First to occupy Seahorse Grotto was Ricky and Lucy. I lost Lucy about a year ago and after the heartache subsided, I adopted Snickers (or Snicks, as she's affectionately called). Ricky and Snicks have been delightful, smart, with personality to spare! They learned quickly to eat from a little crystal bowl I put at the entrance to the grotto. Their food goes in the bowl and they have no trouble eating from it. They've even learned to ask for food by doing "swim-overs" over the dish, or hitching close by to the dish and giving me those "hungry horse" looks they're so good at. Not that they're spoiled or anything, but I sing to them every night before "lights out!" :) And they do come to the front of the tank to let me know when it's time for their song. I've been doing my best go give their grotto the attention and decoration it deserves. I'm always on the lookout for mushrooms and other corals that seem to do well, and always restocking my "cleaning crew" that works so hard to try to keep the algae in check. I recently added two feather dusters (tube worms) which just seemed to totally fit into the aquascape. But there's always room for "just one more coral," so I keep looking for more colorful, special additions to the tank. Keeping a saltwater aquarium has been a true educational experience. If you're not learning something new every day, you're doing something wrong! It's a lot of work and attention to the details and needs of the system and the aquarium inhabitants, but I wouldn't change a thing. The rewards from all that work and attention are so worth it!! It's one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long, long time--of course, in addition to my little terrier, and 7 cats!

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