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Animated Sleep Deprivation PSA DTC:435

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This 30s animated PSA was created for a midterm project in DTC 435: Advanced Digital Animation within the CMDC Program at Washington State University - Vancouver.
I was tasked with created a compelling public service announcement that demonstrated creativity, storytelling, animation technique, and aesthetic style. The animation had to include vector graphics, use of creative commons audio, narrative development, and must only be created within Illustrator and After Effects.

Like most college students, I sometimes experience sleepless nights due to anxiety, workload, or just plain procrastination. After one such sleepless night, I decided to focus my PSA midterm around sleep deprivation. Due to the 30 second time constraint, my script is three parts – sleep statistics, side-effects, and possible life-threatening performance disadvantage. Narratively, the visuals follow an individual experiencing insomnia. I decided to represent this by showing the individuals grasp on reality slowing failing as hallucinations take hold. The first segment of the PSA is steady, solid, and abides the laws of physics, but as the sleeplessness continues the visual artifacts take on a neon/skeleton glow and begin to float erratically and warp in perspective. Additionally, as the individual’s anxiety grows, almost everything vibrates within the scene. The culmination of the PSA is a reminder to get enough sleep otherwise you might experience an early death.

The most difficult aspect in the creation of this PSA is my relative unfamiliarity with the Adobe Suite in general, and After Effects in particular. If I could reverse time, I would spend it more watching tutorials and familiarizing myself with After Effects.


Script by Tanner J. Gohl
AI Voice by Replica Studios

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