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I was sent - by people I had considered the very best of friends for so long, and who have now revealed themselves as part of a campaign to groom me deliberately out of shape - a photo yesterday. It showed the new 50p post-Brexit coin, with the Queen clasping her hand to her face - one assumes in desperation.

People who laugh at another's real challenges deserve to be distanced and disconnected, and dispatched, and boxed up.

And I shall do so. That I shall.

In the meantime, I realise how much I love my country of birth, and how I would never wish upon it what is happening at the moment. And also, how I am prepared to fight to my dying day to change this, to enable the real United Kingdom of the people of the peoples. The united United Kingdom. The one my false friends gain so much pleasure laughing at.

So read on, and realise too: what I see, why I see it, and where. And then if you agree, consider joining me: not to make the UK great again, for it already is. No. To make its people the greatest place for all peoples. As it was.

#37 - the land of the phoenixes, not the ashes; where the people of the peoples, not the walls; where the place of mistakes, not ideologies; where the sound of musics, not muzaks; where the youth of already, not of tomorrow; where the men, women, children and genders and ages and inclinations and politics and beliefs find a ground of common sense, of common sense above all.

#37 - where the #Shakespeares of books, and the books of Shakespeare

Where science and humanity:

The normal human body temperature in degrees Celsius.

Where mathematics, beautiful mathematics:

Thirty-seven is the 12th prime number, a permutable prime with 73 (which is the 21st prime number). 37 is the fifth lucky prime,[1] the first irregular prime,[2] the third unique prime[3] and the third cuban prime.
Since the greatest prime factor of 372 + 1 = 1370 is 137, which is substantially more than 37 twice, 37 is a Størmer number.[8]

And where of course:

The number of plays William Shakespeare is thought to have written (counting Henry IV as three parts).[9]

The united United Kingdom of the people of peoples.

Never anti-anything.

Always Pro-37.

* Facts copied and pasted from the following Wikipedia webpage:

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