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DIPLOCUB has as the main objective ensure the education and promote learning and reading activities, to the catalan municipalities that aren’t in possession of a library space such as, the municipality of Castellví de Rosanes which they only have the bibliobus for two hours, once a week. (The bibliobus is a public library bus with a collection of documents, that visit places in which they don’t have a stable library, with the aim of making them share the benefits of a it, including Internet access, also in rural and mountainous areas.)

Through the creation of a functional permanent space, citizens will always have this culture parasite in the plaza where the bibliobus stops. This proposal tires to enhances the individual or collectives readers experience, as well as culture, generating activities, workshops, games which complements the learning and help not only the children but all ages, to grow culturally. Activating the square and creating a space associated with the meeting point or space for socializing, is also what this architecture is for. In terms of relevance in the future, this design proposal will imply more people with education and expand the possibility of culturization.

Located in front of the town hall of Castellví de Rosanes, the space consists of two plywood modules embedded in the steps of the plaza. One fixed, quiet and comfortable, perfect for reading and the other one drop-down through guides, for games and activities. This movement will expand the area of shade between the two.

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