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Have been some very interesting and fun weeks learning Unreal Engine 4, This is my first render , there are a lot of challenges behind this sequence that I would like to share with you.
* Be able to navigate 'confidently' through the UE interface
* Figuring out the pipeline to bring the shot and cameras from Maya to the sequencer ( and learn what is, what it does and how works the sequencer in general)
* Bring some extra assets from UE market place into my scene
* Understand the shading workflow inside UE
* Do a base lighting with some extra FX inside UE
* Learning to adjust the lighting shot by shot using the sequencer in order to keep the continuity through the sequence

For now I keep struggling with some sharp and very dark shadows, there are more challenges ahead but overall I've been enjoying this process of learning a new software!

Animation by: Logan Weeb

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