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5 minute art demo : Mono-printing

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This is the free video 5 minute art demo : Mono-printing that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video 5 minute art demo : Mono-printing.

5 minute demo : 4 colour mono print using template design. 10" × 7" (inches)

This particular mono print is based on one of my large paintings and features 2 abstract figures, I will begin by sketching a few ideas and selecting the colours for the composition, always testing on scrap paper to see how they work together.

Method :

I begin with a simple template 7" × 10" frame using recycled card, tape the paper down on the reverse side with masking tape which won't spoil the surface when removed leaving a nice clean border.

Mark out the size of the image on a piece of paper (this will form the template) draw out the design, here I have marked out the position of the two abstract figures. Carefully cut out the masks, keeping the offcut to serve as the template for the background colour.

I always begin with the background, you could work starting with the figures it doesn't matter at this stage.

In this demo I have already made a print from the paint transfer sheets, I think it is important to remove access paint to get a better monoprint you can get much finer lines and texture details, the first print acts as a test. You can see there is very little oil paint used on the final version.

The technique of spreading the paint thinly onto the (plastic) transfer sheet is shown in many of my other demos, so is not shown here.

Light pressure will produce softer tones, I use an old blunt pencil or biro to add texture and fine lines then use fingertips for more solid forms, remember always leave plenty of white in the composition. With the last layer (in this case Ivory Black) it is important to control the amount of paint, it is so easy to apply too much and ruin the composition at this stage, work from the previous layer, replace the cut shapes but move slightly from the original position.

As with all these techniques it takes practice and it doesn't always work out but with time you can get really impressive results and use the techniques on your own style and interests.

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