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2019 dstrict Show Reel

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d’strict(“Company”) is a global top-tier design company that creates a user-centered experience by integrating both content and digital media technology.

Since its foundation in 2004, the Company changed its service area according to the development of digital media technology and its environment. The Company’s 3 main service areas are as below.
1) “Digi-tainment” is a business that aims to offer interactive product and contents service by integrating new trend digital media technologies for the entertainment space in public such as theme parks and other experience zones.
2) “Guest eXperience Design” is a business in designing public media such as digital signage for hotels, resorts, shopping malls, and company lobbies by producing innovative visual content using various methods, as well as offering differentiated spatial experience in gathering facilities.
3) “Brand eXperience Design” is a business that offers epic content for retail shops and off-line marketing such as events, shows, and exhibitions of various customers who own its brand.

The Company’s core competitiveness lies in its content production capability based on its full understanding of various digital media technology. Building on its capability of fusing visually-powerful and creative performances and various digital media technology and content, we offer TOTAL SERVICE that covers master planning, content planning including an overall design of system and space design, production, implementation, construction and technical training for operation. To this end, the top experts of the various competencies required for the design of the space-based user experience collaborate to create outstanding results.

Though its competitiveness of producing differentiated content with rapidly-changing digital media technology, the Company will constantly unveil innovative spatial experience designs in and around the world. ‘d’strict China’ was founded in 2015 and based on the successful market development in China, a new subsidiary was added in 2020 in Vietnam to explore more business opportunities in the APEC market. Furthermore, the Company will sequentially continue to stretch further for global business development.

Along with the expansion of B2B services with various global clients, the Company will also continue to expand its B2C services provided through entertainment spaces operated with its own IP contents. In 2011, we successfully launched the world’s first 4D theme park ‘LIVE PARK’ in Seoul and in 2015 we opened a digital indoor-theme park, ‘PLAY KPOP’ which was mainly the theme of K-POP in Jeju Island. The ‘ARTE MUSEUM’, Korea's largest commercial media art exhibition hall, will be opening in Jeju within the first half of 2020. Building on its differentiated content production capability and the constant expansion of ‘ARTE MUSEUM’ into the world, the Company looks forward to growing into a global brand.

The Company’s endless journey is in progress to create innovative works that offer a breathtaking digital experience.

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