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1993 Nissan Homy GT Cruise

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Fresh from Japan comes the greatest in van life. The Japanese took a much more nuanced approach to design of the modern van. While generally simplistic in styling they utilized premium materials, gobs of storage, and cutting edge technology in an understated way of showcasing some of the latest engineering. Things like a 4WD turbo diesel are hard to come by outside of the truck world, let alone the option to take 6, or 8 if you're willing to squeeze, in comfort is wild. Things like dual-zone climate control, massive panoramic sunroofs, and swivel seating were unlike anything you'd find in your mom's old Dodge Grand Caravan back in the day. The dark Charcoal two-tone (2K1) paint looks great for being 27 years old, but then again having only 12K Verified miles does make that less of a surprise. The same can be said about the expansive bodywork which only has a few little door dings that I'm sure could be taken care of by a little PRD work.

Since it is a van, the interior appointments were really the key to its design. The soft tan-colored cloth interior has been well preserved over the years, free of any notable stains or tears. Seeing as their primary purpose in life was to be a practical people carrier that comes as more of a surprise condition-wise than anything else. The front buckets are more than accommodating for the driver and guest. Exceptionally well bolstered, comfortable buckets are stationed in front of a massive glass windscreen, allowing for absolute maximum visibility. Additional lighting comes from a front sunroof, which vents for better airflow on our upcoming spring weather. And thanks to global warming you'll be able to open up the massive panoramic sunroof in the middle to allow for maximum airflow in no time at all. You do have venting windows along the sides for all of the rear passengers to help cut down on stuffy road trips. Automatic climate control front and center on the dashboard, with a separate switch to control the rear air, which does blow cold. Naturally, all of the creature comforts are powered such as the windows, locks, mirrors, even a one-touch setting for the driver. All of the controls are easily laid out for the driver to make sure you can keep your main focus down the road ahead. For those in the back that get to simply enjoy the ride, they have several great features you don't normally see. One of the coolest things about the Homy is the versatile seating options. The middle row is made up of two Captain's chairs that are adjustable forward, back, can be laid flat, or swivel 180 degrees. The 3rd row gives you space for 3 more when necessary, or can be flipped up jump seat style for when you simply need the extra storage.

Making all the use of its 2663cc displacement Nissan's TD27 turbo diesel is easy to fall in love with. If you're into a long term relationship, that is a good thing, because this low mileage diesel is literally just getting broken in. Known for its copious amounts of torque and low noise levels, the little four-cylinder fires to life with the familiar diesel clatter. Placed between the axles, this mid-mounted design lends itself to better handling characteristics than you might expect for something so large and also delivers impressive fuel economy. The transmission shifts smoothly and sends power to the rear wheels without any clunks or hesitations once its up to proper operating temperature. Another feature you rarely see stateside in a van is the 4WD system which is activated by merely a flick of a switch on the dash. The suspension handles large potholes well, and the brakes are more than adequate to slow the big van down. Grip comes from four new all-season tires, along with a routine oil change.

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