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Frustrated you can’t attend concerts this summer with the lockdown?
Then let the concert come to you
Singer, original songwriter, performer, Zach Heckendorf will do that in an exclusive virtual performance this July 16th.
Zach Heckendorf found himself mesmerized by the lyrical depth of master songwriters like James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Carole King even when he first clutched a guitar and created unique chords at age 10. Both deep, expressive emotions and keen introspection aligned his journey with the works of Jack Johnson and Jose Gonzales, even through his early teen years.
Now in his 20s, Zach commands his own space, since releasing his debut album at age 16, and gaining the backing of Republic Records at the age of 18. His artistry carves a bold path from upbeat indy pop rock to soft, but gripping ballads often heard widely on progressive radio stations like the legendary KBCO in Boulder, CO., a heralded endorsement from a kid who grew up in Denver.
He’s amassed a flurry of both critical and fan favorites, touring the U.S. as a headliner, developing a series of music videos, and supporting various artists at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver.
Through a special, one-time engagement, Zach is excited to offer an online performance for us, thanks to The Denver Jewish Chamber, and H.M. Brown & Associates. Courageous Faces Foundation is honored to be the recipient of this thrilling opportunity to help improve the quality of life of those with rare and severe medical conditions through ongoing, direct, personalized support (
Sponsored by the Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce and HM Brown & Associates Auto Brokers, Zach Heckendorf will come right to your screen in the comfort of your own home with his unique mix of pop indy rock July 16th to benefit Courageous Faces Foundation, improving the quality of life for people with rare and severe medical conditions.
Departing one night from his 50 state virtual tour, Zach has agreed to a one-time rock bottom price of just $10 per ticket to bring his unique sound right to your screen for a summer evening virtual concert to benefit Courageous Faces Foundation.
Original songs, original music getting wide airplay on alternative FM stations across the country.
Here’s your chance to bring it home courtesy of the Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce, and HM Brow and Associates.
Get your tickets to this virtual performance now
Zach Heckendorf…one night…for your virtual summer concert, July 16th.
Get your tickets now before they’re gone.

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