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Yagiz and Hazan Consequence

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"Fail with consequence,
Lose with eloquence and smile,
I'm not in this movie, I'm not in this song"

Okay, first off-- Hello! Long time, no upload. I've been trying to finish a video for well over a year (and got close to finishing a couple) but I always ended up getting distracted/bored or hating whatever I was working on, so every project I started would just wind up getting dropped :/

But that's why I'm so excited (and a little bit proud) to have finished this video- my first of a Turkish drama! Yep, I finally bit the bullet and jumped into a new dramaland. I know Turkish dramas have been getting increasingly popular over the years, but I was always too put off by the super-long episodes to ever start them (some have eps that are over 2.5 hours long!). But then Canem and EK came along and I could no longer resist the gifs, so I sat down and got addicted to those glorious babes and their damn insane chemistry. But currently airing dramas are well-known torture devices, so I had to find another drama to binge while waiting for new EK eps-- I remembered seeing some videos about these two last year and was able to find out the drama's name and a site to binge watch it on (forewarning to anybody tempted to venture into the Turkish drama game- subs for a show are not basically-guaranteed like they are for kdramas: prepare for some intense frustration and long google searches) and everything just escalated from there. I became ridiculously obsessed with Yaghaz and finished the drama in about 2 weeks (literally checked out of my life for a couple days in order to accomplish this, not even kidding)

I always prefer slow-burn couples that earn and build their relationship over the instalove of so very many dramas (why I end up dropping most of the rom-com ones after episode 7 when their reasons for not being together become literally non-existent and annoying), so I shipped these two from the very beginning-- though I didn't dislike/hate Sinan until the last 8 eps or so (grrrrr). Season 1 was a chore to get through and there are a lot of storylines and other characters that it took me a looooong time to have any interest in. But everything was so worth it once season 2/episode 14 started. How these two go from literally hating and despising one another, to having a cautious respect (okay mainly this is from Yagiz to Hazan), to a tentative friendship, to best-friends, to star-crossed, to lovers is just everything. And Yagiz, oh my poor sweet Yagiz. Hazan is amazing and I love her character/growth/unconventionality but lets be honest: Yagiz' tortured pining is what killed everyone. What I tried to portray in this video is how his own views on love (originally seeing it as an illusion) change and evolve as he tries, and fails, to resist falling for Hazan. These two understand one another in a way no two other characters on this show ever do and they are always, always there to support one another when things get hard. Its seriously admirable.

Overall, these two are just incredibly viddable. So many of their scenes are beautifully filmed with so many angles to choose from. And there are so many scenes I didn't even get a chance to use in this video, or at least not to their full extent (like, i barely got the episode 25 goodbye and episode 26 hug scenes used and those are ICONIC YAGHAZ) so I certainly need to make more vids of these two. I'll cross my fingers for more inspiration.

*Side note: I'll be honest, this is a very, very soapy drama. So much familial backstabbing and birth secrets. Crazy chicks galore and grasping, manipulative parents aplenty. But even with all that makjang tropy tropeness, Yaghaz is epic and epically written.*

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