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Wildlife Extinction Race / Trailer...

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Wildlife portraits around the world

While they were still here …

A Photographer`s Eyewitness Account

Wildlife portraits in this footage includes over 40 different species of which half are highly endangered.

The 50 pictures in this trailer were taken by the Danish photographer Peter Bang in South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, West Papua, Micronesia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Greenland.

Wildlife in the photos includes: - Butterfly, Monitor Lizard, Seal, Leopard, Zebra, Peacock, Orangutan, Herron, Tiger, Walking Stick Insect, Proboscis Monkey, African Elephant, Impala, Lion, Panda, Sun Bear, Giant Beetle, Pied Columbus Monkey, Cheetah, Kudu Antelope, Bornean Bristlehead, Gibbon, Pit Wiper Snake, Scorpion, Bird of Paradise, Komodo Dragon, Oryx Antelope, Springbuck, Mona Monkey, Amphibians, Crocodile, Sea Turtle, Penguin, Variegated Toad, Arctic Wolf, Reindeer, Salmon, Polar Bear, Fin Whale and Humpback Whale.

Photos by Peter Bang © Copyright / Remote Frontlines - Copenhagen, Denmark

Song and Music by Mathew Bond & Maestro Koko / All rights reserved - Hobart, Australia

"This Old Man" / song text:

This old man, what he said was real
You never get old, time is a wheel
You see the sun, in the milky sea
Theres no where to run, when your allready free

Reflections form once again, so hard to find, your pain
Mumma told you to stay, safe within, your way

It feels like the moon, has become my window
Stars in a rift, their open ended eyes, its just a big surprise, for you, for you

Prince's are raised, and Prince's are thrown
The people are one, and the people have known
The children have come, with their naked feet
And within us God run, as the children weeped

I see you, dragging yourselves, all down
I see you, dragging yourselves, down
I see you.

From the album Frolicking with the bees

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