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WGAN-TV My Virtual Listings-#2564-How To Sign Up For The

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This is the free video WGAN-TV My Virtual Listings-#2564-How To Sign Up For The Video Editing Service.mp4 that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video WGAN-TV My Virtual Listings-#2564-How To Sign Up For The Video Editing Service.mp4.

Greg Paterson: - Easy to show you right here. Click on video editing and free Single Property Website because there's a form that tells you everything you just asked and this is a free property website with a video editing. You would click 'Next' it's $57.

Dan Smigrod: - For $57, you get a free Single Property Website. So if you're not doing Matterport, you're not ordering floor plans but you still want the Single Property Website order video for $57 and you'll get your Single Property Website?

Greg Paterson: - Correct. You could still put in the address of the property. Same thing which doesn't take too long and there's only a few mandatory fields that you would have to do here is if code and then you would go to select random music next and this is where the form comes up. All your questions about how do I order it? What should I do? It's right in here.

Greg Paterson: Over the last six months of building all this, we learned to add things to this because we need to know how long you want your video? - If you send us 22 minutes of video clips and you want your video to be a minute and a half. That's going to be difficult because we don't know what to take out, what to put in so you tell us okay. I want it two to two and a half minutes. The order of the video clips preferably we would like the clips to be in order.

Greg Paterson: But if it's not possible, then please tell us the order you want. So in the instructions, some people say, please put an aerial in front of the house, right? First, then main home.

Dan Smigrod: You can talk us through that. That's okay.

Greg Paterson: Exactly. Just like that. I know because I'm not a very good typer. Then we wanted to add this to include all video clips. We ran into the problem where you didn't put the video clip above this. We weren't sure because you said to exclude some clips so we put this in here. If you want to just exclude some clips and you do, you send us three videos in the same room and you want us to choose the best one. We will do that because you've chosen this.

Greg Paterson: If it's redundant to get this video, then we will do that. We also have all these where if you want to choose one of the intros, you can choose one of the intros that we have and we go through this and show you. If you don't want it, that's fine. We'll just put the address. You want to put beds and baths and certain things in the beds and baths. I'll just put this in here. You would put the text so you would put the address of the text in

Greg Paterson: here if you want one of the intros. The beds in the baths, do you want the beds in the baths to show when it gives you samples here to show you what it looks like on that video. Some people like that and it goes through and shows you, "Oh, I want, number 1 or number 2, it looks nice."

Greg Paterson: It's okay. If you want to add a watermark, so you want to add a watermark and put it in the corner, you just tell us no problem. Add the watermark uploaded. I'll just say no. Background music, we have all royalty free background music. You can choose one or send it to yourself. Choose one. Text layovers. We include this. We include up to 10 text layovers on any video clips you want. You just tell us the video clip and the text you want on it just like this. There's an example right there.

Greg Paterson: This gentleman wanted that on there or ocean front property or whatever. I'll just put no for now because it'll tell me to do it. I take action outro. If you want us to type something at the end with your phone number, just put it in here and we will do it. Any special instructions? I would like some speed ramping, slow it down, whatever. You just put it right in here and then you paste your Dropbox with your video files in here and then you hit "Next".

Greg Paterson: I got some fields, that I should have filled in.

Dan Smigrod: That's okay, I'll stop you there.

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