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Waht will the neighbours say

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“What will the neighbours say?“ is a music video talking about voice. It’s inspired in the phrase my mother’s would always say to me when I was making too much noise: „Silence, kid, what will the neighbors say?“. Now I live in Havana in a flat with signs saying „Silence please“, but at the same time all the neighbors raise their voices around me shouting Anweisungen to their kids, talking loudly, playing music. In this space I am rapping without words, only ununderstandable sounds come through my shut mouth. While the mouth is kept shut and the power is held inside I want to make the physical power of words visible. It’s talking about the deep necessity of expression, to show oneself. A feeling of wanting so say something, but without knowing what, knowing about the existence of the own voice but without having found it or covered it with shame and inner voices saying to be silent, unmovable, not bothering. The moment where I notice that nobody but me seems to accomplish the recommendation of my mother, everybody is raising his/her voice already without any shame. It’s a playful intent to rediscover a part of that ungebremst child voice using rap as a medium which normally allows to say a huge amount of words in short time.

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