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When given the topic of 'Bright' i decided that I would explore 'Seasonal Affective Disorder', a mental disorder in which sufferers experience symptoms of depression during autumn and winter months. This is believed to be as a result of the reduction in the amount of serotonin produced due to the decreased levels of sunlight.

Therefore I portrayed the first half of the film with a sombre tone, achieved by the extreme close-up of a dark, candlelit wine bottle with a bokeh effect in the background, tinged with a sickly yellow colouring. This sombre tone was further strengthened by the addition of a melancholic song. I also portrayed the protagonist as being cast in shadow, a symbol of his emotions as a result of the darkness he is in.

This melancholic tone which had been cultivated is gradually juxtaposed by the arrival of sunlight in the film, the tone gradually dissipating with the music fading away, leaving the audience to watch in silence for the first time, forced to concentrate more acutely on the image, droplets of water splashing, with sunlight catching each splash. The tonal shift then begins to speed up with the protagonist opening the curtains with sunlight streaming in and then finally the 'Bright' song ('Rock and Roll all Night' by 'Kiss') begins playing and the tonal journey is complete, the protagonist has achieved a positive outlook of adventure, as a result of the bright sunlight.

Tom Spurin

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