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thesnowhoe x Reijii - для неё (2)

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for her is ecchiboy’s therapy song as he recently went through a heartbreaking breakup with his beloved girlfriend, which literally left him wanting to die. Ukraine has been hit particularly hard during Covid, and with an average monthly wage of 200$, ecchiboy recorded this song and mixed it on his iphone, unable to afford any music equipment other than an old windows laptop. unfortunately echhiboy also has serious health problems including a damaged kidney of which causes him great pain, and unable to seek treatment due to lack of funds, physical pain compounded by heartbreak, this story makes a void of will to live understandable.

upon seeing ecchiboys sadness on social media, thesnowhoe had to tell ecchiboy to get his shit together, “insert quote.”. thesnowhoe has been through enough heartbreaks for a lifetime and is at a stage where he is unsure if he will love again. they say you get 3 good women in your life, and perhaps thesnowhoes have passed. however. thesnowhoes first love will always be music, as previous romantic entanglements have been voided by thesnowhoes world travel schedule, chasing musical inspiration across Paris, Montreal, New York and Barcelona. recently having expereinced a near death experience car crash on his birthday music video shoot for: warning which is a video featuring thesnowhoes arrest for marijuana possesion, thesnowhoe is at a stage where he is ready to speak his mind and be his prime self. what brings thesnowhoe sadness is seeing his parents grow old, and he has an external fear that the last time he saw them, might be the last.

join the ascension of the icestarz. straight to the motherfucking top baby. thank you


listen hoe i dont give a fuck about my action
im boss im who im god im tupac
your new man i will fold him into a backpack
i will rise from nothing and that is a fact
i take money then i go to canada
but i have no love left
i call my parents i will not forget you
i will return home and wash the dishes
i call her but i dont give a fuck
because im who? im thesnowhoe blyad
im making money with the ice starz

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