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The Process vs the Art

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I've struggled in the past with creative blocks with finding ideas on what to create. Overcoming this has fundamentally changed how I do and feel about art.

I owe a great deal to Pic Michel (, who taught me a different way to see the life around me and exposed me to other ways to create and feel during the creative process.

Like most of my art, I'll pick up from leftover/dirty water and paint from the day before and start laying it all down. Sometimes I'll have an idea that I want to get across, but all I want to do is play. And my painting sessions typically only last for less than an hour or two.

I need to go through that bit of therapy where you lose yourself deep enough into the music of your inner self and forget about the stress of the rest of the world. Where you tap into your inner child just enough to remind yourself what is "true" and what's most important...what matters.

I know myself well enough that I get the most out of my painting by the process. I don't care much for the finished piece, and it serves only as a reminder of that moment in time. The only struggle is trying to forget about everything and everyone else, and I usually hit that moment about halfway through the painting.

My art isn't that good, anyway, and that doesn't matter to me.

But what I want to share is that you don't have to have a specific goal in mind to figure out what you want to create. Instead, step back and let your subconscious do the painting. Don't think about steps or materials or the result, and play. Experiment and have fun. Don't wait for the paint to dry...use a hairdryer or paper towels to create exciting patterns. Make mistakes.

This video is a brief snapshot to illustrate better what I mean. I hope it helps provide some insight into my process.

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