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Series of improvisations

“The sonic flesh has no dermis, no skin, but inhabits the possibility of the world with its own fomless possibility. It is organs without a body, without social boundaries and etiquette, and merges into the volume of the world with its own capacity to be as volume a mass of plural things: undefiable, half hazard and fluid”

Hearing subjectivities: bodies, forms and formlessness, in “The political possibilities of sound” by Salome Voeglin (2019)

2 - Sounds from Nature

The human brain will always try to make sense of what it senses, will search for order and reason. Thus, even the flow of a river can be rhythmic when heard from a moving body. In front of a «movement marked by the regular succession of weak and strong elements, or of opposite or different conditions», the beat will emerge from within.
The song of birds, the sound of a waterfall makes the imagination bring images, memories, thoughts, ideas that can always be translated into movement. I was interested in working from an intuitive place, welcoming any transformation my body would go through when encountering those sounds from nature, when isolated from a thought-through music composition.
Embodying birds and water running.

Performance, film and editing: Nicole Michalla
Sound: sound of birds from Youtube

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