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Metatah Teeth Filling Ceremony Bali

Metatah or Potong gigi, also known as mesangih or mepandes, is a form of ritual body modification of adolescents, typically teenagers, in parts of Bali that involves the filing of the canine teeth.

The tooth-filing ceremony or Mepandes / Metatah in Balinese language is one of the most important religious ceremonies for the Balinese people that must be performed at least once in someone’s lifetime. This ceremony is symbolic for the Balinese Hindu teenagers who are ready to enter the world of maturity and adulthood.

The purpose of this Balinese ritual is to sever ties with these animal instincts and show others that the individual is old enough to marry. Considered a generational ritual, parents of adolescents performing it consider it their "final duty" in being a parent before their child becomes an adult.

We had the honour to witness and capture this teeth filling ceremony through our lens. This short video clip will summarise the ceremony in an intimate and energetic way.

Credit to the music creator: SEWELAS by Donkgedank

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